New Drawings at The Art Spirit


Beached #2

I’m showing new charcoal drawings at The Art Spirit Gallery, in a show that opens Friday, November 10. The works range in size and subject matter…from a series of small  whale vignettes (Beached) to a life-sized tree.  I will join enamel artist Sheila Evans at an opening for our show, from 5-8.

Tree Revisited


The show will be up through November 25 at The Art Spirit Gallery, 415 Sherman Ave, Coeur d”Alene, Idaho. Open Tuesday-Saturday, 9-6.

2 thoughts on “New Drawings at The Art Spirit

  1. Greg Pfarr

    Thanks for sending me your latest show announcement. Beautiful work Elaine! I wish I could be there to see your work in the original. I hope your new studio is working well for you. Greg

    1. blackthumbart Post author

      Thank you Greg. We’re still building the printmaking area of my studio spaces, but the charcoal studio is working!


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