The Great Ship Prichard

Prichard Art Gallery Benefit Auction- Noah Kroese Illustration“If art is a journey, the gallery is the ship.” *

The  Prichard Art Gallery Benefit Exhibition will come to a close Saturday night, February 8th, with a live auction that begins at 7:00 pm.  As a contributing artist, I appreciate how the Prichard manages their benefit exhibits:

  • artists are allowed to set a minimum price for their work
  • artists have the option of contributing 50%-100% of a sale to the gallery
  • prior to the auction, the exhibition is free and open to the public

It’s always an honor to be invited to contribute your work to an art auction, but I am not inclined to participate without the stipulations listed above. They indicate respect for the artists and their work, while offering some level of access to all community members.

Tickets for the live auction are $15, and available at the Prichard, One World Cafe, and Book People.

charcoal drawing "Field Burn #4"

Field Burn #4

I have two charcoal drawings and a “moon” print in the auction. You can view all available work at the Online Auction Gallery.

charcoal drawing "Bill"


*Auction illustration by Noah Kroese

5 thoughts on “The Great Ship Prichard

    1. blackthumbart Post author

      Thanks Gale!
      The field burns are a subject I return to over the years- I’ve made eight since 2006. We observed a lot of burn seasons when we lived in the Palouse area of Idaho, and I’m always drawn to natural occurences of black in the landscape, even if they’re man-made.

  1. journal6other

    If the gallery is a ship, remind me again what became of the Titanic? Okay, sorry, checking in to see what you’ve been up to, sending hugs, love, good to be in the same boat as John Singer Sargent, hello Detroit, albeit a much smaller boat… Respect for artists to me will mean paying your workers a living wage in advance of rebranding your retail space on a monthly basis instead of acting as if free labor is some sort of honor bestowed, but I know, I know, I see things a little differently than most…

    Going back to practicing restraint, restraint, restraint… Paddling on…


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