Drawn to the Wall Video

dttw6 I returned to the Gonzaga campus last month at the close of the Drawn to the Wall  exhibition to join with my fellow artists in painting over our drawings. However, they still exist in this 3 minute video, Drawn to the Wall V, which includes the artists at work on their drawings, the opening reception, and wall restoration.

Elaine at opening with "Two Phobias"

Elaine at opening with “Two Phobias”

Since this exhibit, I’ve continued to work with silverpoint. It’s a nice change from charcoal: using a silver wire the thickness of a paper clip rather than a fist-size chunk of messy charcoal–spending hours building up darkness and tiny details with line, instead of the gray values made with the smear of a hand across charcoal on paper.

drawing Two Views of the MoonYou can see the final image, statement, and details of the drawing Two Phobias  at my website blackthumbart.com, and read jundtan essay by Sheri Boggs in the Jundt Art Museum catalog.

Thanks to photographer Christian Woods and videographer Matt Green for their documentation of the Drawn to the Wall V Exhibit.

5 thoughts on “Drawn to the Wall Video

  1. paperstew

    Elaine, you’re so incredible! The video was such a great accompaniment to this post. I really enjoyed seeing the other artists at work and to get a better sense of the size. Wow! That black background you laid down was so rich and velvety! Marvelous work my dear! 🙂

    1. blackthumbart Post author

      Thanks Gale! It was a nice change to work in a community space with a group of artists- much like our experience in Artists@Work.

      Elaine Green| blackthumbart.com| blackthumbtales.wordpress.com


  2. Greg Pfarr

    Very good work Elaine. I like your way of working with the moon as image and phobia. I have made drawings at the eyepiece of my telescope of the planets, a comet and some gallexies but I have not as of yet made any drawings of the moon which I can see in great detail. As of yet I don’t know how I would approach it. You got me thinking about how I need to figure out how I might approach the night sky as subject matter. So far my little drawings the eyepiece are fairly factual.


    1. blackthumbart Post author

      Talk about factual, are you familiar with Vija Celmins drawings and prints of star fields and the moon’s surface? Apparently they’re based on Hubble telescope images (as was mine). That sounds interesting to me–combining your wonderful etching process with your astronomy interests…mmmm delicious!


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