Two Phobias: Of Mice and Moon

Two Phobias

Drawn to the Wall V Exhibit, “Two Phobias”
-photo by Christian Woods     

     To a phobic, the depth of fear is wholly out of proportion to the actual threat. Fear of the moon—why is madness called lunacy? Musophobia—even the thought of mice or rats can induce states ranging from panic to paralysis.  Two Phobias explores out-sized fear in an over-sized medium.

 On the work itself, the isolation of space has been enhanced by hand-rubbing charcoal into the chalkboard paint background. Features of the moon are charcoal over white gesso. The mice are drawn hair-by-hair with a silverpoint stylus, a technique I learned at a British Museum workshop in Elizabethan art materials; the images will change over time as the silver reacts to its environment.


Here are some photos, taken in August, as I worked on my wall drawing:

12 thoughts on “Two Phobias: Of Mice and Moon

      1. paperstew

        The large scale is impressive! I just received a new box of charcoal and really want to pull it out and play, but now is not the time for that. Keep us posted on your further works!!!

    1. blackthumb Post author

      Hi Carolee,
      Christian is one of the best- a clever and inventive photographer!
      There were no collaborations in the Drawn to the Wall exhibit, but there was a collegial feeling as the five of us worked together in the gallery on our individual walls. We were all in our own worlds, connected to our devices…earbuds and tunes or podcasts, but the irrepressible Kurt Madison could be counted on to come over and share an idea or new material (homemade pastel, unusual vine charcoal, patina compound). Kurt works with metals and we agreed that it was worth a try to see what would happen to the silverpoint if we fumed it. I love these interactions- one of my favorite parts of a shared studio space.

    1. blackthumbart Post author

      Thank you Clarence!
      Tomorrow is the last opportunity to view the walls. We paint over the work on Monday.


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