Drawing from Memory


1440 Main, view from the front doorway, 1968

My hometown of St. Maries Idaho is having it’s centennial celebration this year, and in the nostalgic spirit of remembering the past, I drew  seven images of places and events…from memory. As I tried to remember specifics…was it four windows or five in a classroom…I found some details were clear while others were hazy.

05 halloween

Highway 3 near Golf Course Road, Halloween wreck, 1969

These charcoal drawings of places and events, circa 1967-69, contain a degree of unreliability. I cannot claim they are completely truthful representations since they are based on memories that after more than four decades, are prone to exaggeration, misinterpretation and alteration.

03 bus

Six of the drawings are hanging as pairs in storefront windows on St. Maries’ Main Street, between 8th and 10th streets. They will be up through Labor Day and the Paul Bunyan Days Celebration. Thank you Les Schwab, American Title Company, and Pizza Factory for displaying the work. 

3 thoughts on “Drawing from Memory

  1. Greg Pfarr

    I like the drawing from memory approach. While the factual part may be more obscured over time the essentials seem to come through. Facts may get in the way anyway? Really good drawings Elaine.

    1. blackthumb Post author

      I agree Greg!
      My brother says the car wreck on Halloween never happened- he can’t remember it. I recall a babysitter packing us into her car to check out the scene of a gruesome accident. If that’s not the way it really happened, the truth is not much different…teens, and car wrecks every spring.


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