Making a Mark


Unhomelike #10, Her Head

A fabulous show just opened, Making a Mark: Drawing in Oregon, and three of my drawings from the Unhomelike Series are included. There will be a reception April 12, 5:30-7:30 at the Arts Center, and two special lectures are scheduled. April 18th, Andrew Myers will talk about his work and the significance of drawing. Clint Brown, OSU Professor Emeritus will give an historical overview with images from art history on May 3rd.

The Arts Center • 700 SW Madison Ave. Corvallis, OR • 12-5, Tue-Sat

Unhomelike #5, Bent

3 thoughts on “Making a Mark

  1. paperstew

    Congratulations Elaine on having your incredible work selected for the show. I’ve not had the chance to get in, but I will soon. Your work is so velvety rich! I also really admire your perspective and cropping of the body. Fab my dear!

    1. blackthumb Post author

      Thanks Gale! Still plenty of time to see the show. I plan to go back when Andrew Myers speaks next week at the Brown Bag talk, 4/18.


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