Ch-ch-ch-changes in Charcoal

Untitled (Crowd)

We’ve been busy here at Black Thumb Studio, just like Santa’s workshop, trying to make that December deadline.  I’ll be delivering and installing 20 drawings at Columbia Basin College in a show of Drawings and Ceramics that opens January 9, 2012. Sculptor Carolyn Nelson and I will show at the CBC’s Esvelt Gallery through February 2, and we’ll both be on hand at the opening reception January 10th, 7 pm.  Come join us if you’re in the Tri-cities area.

Crowd drawing, early stage

This drawing of a crowd has an obvious compositional problem -a bit busy on the right side – but I resisted the need to make dramatic changes to this drawing.  I liked the hint of landscape and quiet pastoral setting.  Why can’t this crowd just live here, happily shoved up against the right edge of the paper, absorbed in something that’s happening beyond the left edge?

Sometimes you can’t have what you want… after six months of unsatisfactory solutions, I transplanted them to the city and they’re much happier now, though they may need a new title.

4 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes in Charcoal

  1. Greg Pfarr

    A bold and successful solution Elaine! -and the city addition looks like how could any other solution have worked? I wish the show was closer but glad you are having it.

  2. Jeff Gibson

    I love the addition of the cityscape. Is this in the Columbia show? I think I might recognize 3 or so of the people in the drawing. Please let me know if it’s still available.

    1. blackthumb Post author

      Yes this was in the CBC show. It is still available, and you can see it when you’re in Coeur d’Alene this August. I have a show at the Art Spirit Gallery, opening August 10.
      The people do look familiar don’t they? My theory is that it’s a function of the blur and indistinct boundaries…or maybe you do know them.


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