Artists @ Work: week 1

Blurred charcoal drawing "Two Bills"

I worked on small drawings of groups and crowds this week, and  had a good response to my request for posers. 

Great they're already blurred!


Usually people sat on the bench and I shot a few pics. Sometimes they gave me more than I expected…


I share the gallery/studio space with three other artists: Kendal Hathaway, Julia Lont, and  Gale Everett.  Kendal is a mosaic artist, using glass and recycled materials.  Julia works with photos as transfers on fabric and as a base for layered egg tempera paintings. Gale is building a wire armature to be covered with her handmade paper.  

Kendal, Julia, and Gale working in their spaces

For more information and photos of our progress, check out Kendal’s blog at and Gale’s blog: sticksstonesnpaperstew.

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