My Summer Residency

Untitled drawing, in progress

Black Thumb Art Studio will be operating out of The Arts Center in July for a month long residency called Artists @ Work.  I’ll join three other artists in turning the main gallery space into an open studio where we will pursue our individual work and interact with the public.

I’m working on a series of drawings that investigates group dynamics and the subject/object dichotomy with drawings based on overheard conversations. There are two public components to this work, and I’m soliciting your help:

Sketchbook gesture for drawing above

Photo references – I’m looking for a variety of bodies to use as references for the drawings. Come by the Center and I’ll shoot your pic.

Eavesdropping – what odd, funny, crazy … bit of conversation have you overheard, unintentionally of course?

Artists @ Work • The Arts Center • 700 SW Madison Ave • Corvallis, OR • 12-5 Tue-Sat • 541-754-1551

3 thoughts on “My Summer Residency

  1. Kali

    Wow, your work in progress is striking. I immediately received a jolt from it. Can’t wait to see it as it evolves.


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