Pegasus Gallery show

In Black and White: Two Voices -Two Cultures
drawing titled Veiled


Featuring Chang Ae Song from South Korea and Elaine Green from the United States.Join us during the month of July 2010 at Pegasus Gallery as we stop, look and listen to the visual conversation going on inside the series of works by artists Chang Ae Song of South Korea and Elaine Green of the United States.

painting titled Mass II

Mass II

Chang Ae Song is showing several works from her `MASS – Nebula Series.` Song explores with graphite and eraser on paper the spatial relationships between the physical and tangible land and the infinite and ephemeral sky and our endless connectedness. `I notice only the subtle movement and change of clouds. They often look inanimately tranquil, but in reality the clouds move ceaselessly, shifting their forms almost every moment. And then, time is involved again.


Elaine Green is displaying charcoal works from several of her series, some landscapes and some dynamic figurative images. Green has also included pieces from her `In an Effort to Control` series, an exploration of linear perspective from a teaching experience at the University of Idaho`s Steam Plant where her attention was `…drawn to the protective wrappings around the pipes and valves (to control the tremendous pressures and heat contained within), yet which make the machinery virtually unrecognizable, almost organic.`

Pegasus will host a reception to celebrate the artists and their work on Thursday, July 15th, from 6pm to 9pm. See you there!

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